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Before you collect your kitten from me, you are required to sign up for the free month of Trupanion pet insurance. Please provide the proof you have done so immediately. This is required even if you do sign up for another insurance because there is no waiting period. Most others have a waiting period of 14 days.


I used to let people sign up after collecting their kitten, but too many people forgot to do it. It must be activated within a 24 hour period. I know it is exciting to get your new kitty but be prepared to call Trupanion immediately to get full coverage. If you miss the 24 hour window they will not cover your cat.

My breeder code is BR2LS61319


If you are in New York, it is not free, but still required as there is no waiting period. (New York makes these rules, not Trupanion.)

Your cat is going into a new home with so many new places and new things to learn. Kittens still have fragile immune systems and it is best to be protected. Kittens can also get into trouble, things such as falling or eating things they should not. The average cost for an ER visit is $1500 right now. You do not want financial constraints when considering what to do. While it is extremely rare a pet owner would need this in the first few months, you do not want to be one who does, without insurance. Once the pet owner takes possession of the kitten, it is the pet owner's responsibility to protect and care for their pet. The free Trupanion insurance comes with 80% coverage and a $250 deductible. I recommend upgrading to the 90% with $0 coverage. Trupanion is expensive, but they can and will pay the vet directly. Other insurance companies I recommend are Healthy Paws. I have heard good things about Nationwide as well.

Just remember if you are switching there is a waiting period. Also, pet insurance never covers preexisting conditions! I would not recommend letting it lapse or assuming you can get covered later.


1 (855) 898-8991

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