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I'm over the moon about this absolutely stunning girl that has joined our cattery. Believe it or not Maiha is a Sphynx!

All the accredited feline associations allow American Shorthair as a permissible outcross for the Sphynx. Few breeders do it as it is costly financially, but the diversity and health a carefully chosen outcross can bring is priceless. We are not creating a new breed, we are bringing the cat back to the Sphynx standard while infusing it with hybrid vigor. 

Maiha’s lineage is like royalty - multiple international winners on both sides. Maiha’s dad is Franklin aka IW SGC IW BW SGC Mowglis Rockets Red Glare. Her Grandfather, IW BW SGC Mowglis Stonehenge won Kitten of the Year and was also Shorthair cat of the year. Not only are they beautiful but they have been fully health tested as well. Heart scans, DNA disease clear. Thank you to Emily Greene, Destyny Sphynx.

Responsible outcrossing is encouraged!
American Shorthair, Devon Rex & Domestic Shorthair are all acceptable outcrosses for the Sphynx breed.

What it looks like:
DSH/ASH x Sphynx= F1 - All kittens will have hair, but will carry the hairless gene.
F1 x Sphynx=F2 - 50% of the kittens will have hair and 50% will be hairless.
F2 x Sphynx=F3 - Kittens should be hairless, but a hairy one may sneak in.
F3 x Sphynx=F4 - A TICA/CFA accepted sphynx kitten is born.

With the first outcross generation, all of the kittens will look like ordinary cats, but all of the litter will carry the hairless gene. The best kitten out of this litter will be bred to a Sphynx again which produces the F2 kittens. There is a 50% chance of getting bald kittens and some adorable hairy ones. One of these naked kittens is bred to a Sphynx. This should result in all naked kittens in a litter. 

Although, sometimes breeders will chose to keep a furry kitten from this litter, due to good type and build of the cat. DSH - Domestic Shorthair ASH - American Shorthair F - Filial. Refers to the generation of the cat. F1, F2, F3.

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"Exploring the Benefits of Outcrossing in Sphynx Cats: Enhancing Genetic Diversity and Health"

Some people choose to use Domestic Shorthair or Devon Rex in their program, as I chose American shorthair in the scenario. ALL 3 are permissible.

Benefits of Outcrossing:
Outcross breeding, though not as familiar to the general public, carries a host of advantages that benefit both the cats and their future owners:


Genetic Diversity: 
The primary reason breeders engage in outcrossing is to increase the genetic diversity within the breed. This diversity often results in healthier cats with a lower risk of inherited diseases.


Strengthening the Breed: 
By introducing new genes, breeders can reinforce certain desirable traits, be it related to appearance or health. This practice ensures the longevity and resilience of the breed.


Unique Combinations: 
Outcrossing can lead to the birth of kittens with unexpected and unique appearances. The range of colors, patterns, and coat types expands, offering potential cat owners a wider variety to choose from.


As mentioned, outcross kittens, particularly the coated Sphynx, often come at a more affordable price point. This provides an accessible route for individuals who wish to own a Sphynx cat without the typical price tag.


Maintaining Temperament: 

One of the greatest joys of owning a Sphynx is their affectionate and playful temperament. Outcross breeding ensures that these beloved traits are preserved, even if the appearance changes. The sphynx cat is an energetic, acrobatic performer who loves to show off for attention. They have an unexpected sense of humor that is often at odds with her dour expression. Friendly and loving, this is a loyal breed who will follow you around the house and try to involve herself in whatever you're doing, grabbing any opportunity to perch on your shoulder or curl up in your lap. The journey of outcross breeding in the world of Sphynx cats is an exciting and beneficial venture, aiming to ensure the future health and vitality of the breed. 


Opting for a coated Sphynx through outcross breeding not only allows potential cat owners to benefit from a lower price point but also contributes to the broader initiative of diversifying the Sphynx gene pool for healthier future generations. If you're intrigued by the possibility of owning one of these unique kittens, don't hesitate to explore the opportunity with us and get yourself added to the waitlist:

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