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Preserve the Unique Beauty of Sphynx Cats with Us

Get to Know Us


Established in 2018, Little Sphynx Cattery was created with a mission to produce healthy, purebred Sphynx cats. We have a deep passion for the unique and lovable breed Our breeding program reflects our desire to create a happier, healthier Sphynx breed. Since day one, we have maintained the highest standards in our breeding program, and we implement strict health protocols to ensure that our cats are healthy and free from any hereditary defects. Our website is dedicated to providing you with valuable information, resources, and products to ensure the health and happiness of your Sphynx. Whether you are a proud Sphynx owner or simply curious about this fascinating breed, you've come to the right place. Let's celebrate the beauty and charm of these hairless wonders together!

We are a small, reputable cattery registered with TICA, CFA, and LCWW. We are dedicated to the health and quality of the Sphynx breed. Located in the hills of Oahu, Hawaii. Little Sphynx kittens are our babies, not just pets and are pampered with lots of affection, attention and love. As they are part of our family and raised under foot, receiving constant interaction, love, and socialization from the moment they enter the world.


Our program focuses on Sphynx & using permissible outcrosses. Strategic outcrossing allows us to expand the gene pool, ensuring greater diversity and immune health. We prioritize show quality, health, and happiness while preserving the distinct characteristics of the breed. We raise show quality, pedigreed Sphynx kittens. Our philosophy is quality over quantity. We do not offer mixes. (ELF, BAMBINO NOR DWELF) as we do not believe in breeding multiple extreme mutations. We do not risk the health and welfare simply for aesthetic reasons. 

To guarantee the well-being of our kittens, our Kings and Queens undergo a rigorous selection process. They are meticulously screened and cleared of over 40 different genetic predispositions through DNA testing. We also conduct yearly screenings for HCM by a board-certified cardiologist, ensuring the cardiac health of our cats. Furthermore, all our feline companions are tested and confirmed negative for FeLV/FIV. It's a huge joy owning one of the world’s most lovable cats. We at Little Sphynx Cattery put our cat’s needs first and we want you to do the same!

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Healthy  Kittens

We provide healthy kittens that have been vet checked and given a clean bill of health. We understand the importance of finding a kitten that is happy and healthy and we make it our mission to provide just that.

Comprehensive Health Care

We ensures that your kitten receives the best possible care. Each kitten will receive vaccines, health testing, and veterinary care. Your kitten's health is our top priority, and we're committed to providing them with the best care possible.


Each kitten comes with TICA/CFA/LCWW registration papers, ensuring their pedigree and authenticity. 

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Quality Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our kittens with a health guarantee against genetic or cognitive defects, as well as HCM & FIP guarantee. Our cattery is HCM scanning, and scans are available upon request.

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