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To help you find the perfect match for your home, I have designed a questionnaire that will help me understand your interests and household better. Please answer all of the questions in the questionnaire. 

We do not always know which kitten you are getting until evaluations are completed. This may be up to 10 weeks.  

Responsible breeders assess the kittens and select the best ones for the future. This means you are actually getting a better kitten anyway if the breeder has this process. If you are able to select your kitten right away, it is unlikely your
breeder is trying to better the breed. The kitten you wait for from breeder's who wait are likely to 

be much higher quality in type and temperament and health. 

Kitten selection is done in order of deposit received. 



  • Kitten is expected to go home within one week after "go-home" date.

  • Little Sphynx kittens are placed in their new homes at 12 - 14 weeks.

  • A lot of people know that puppies can be placed ethically at 8 weeks. This is not true for cats. Cats should not be placed until they are at least 12 weeks old.  Kittens sent home earlier are not developed enough nor have they had their 12 week vaccine.  Placement varies depending on development which is differeny by litter and even by individual kittens.

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