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As a sphynx breeder, we understand the importance of providing the best products for our feline friends. That's why we recommend only the highest quality clothing, food, and accessories for your cats. From premium cat food brands to interactive toys and cozy clothing, we have everything your cat needs to live a happy and healthy life. Trust us to provide the best recommendations for your newest family member.


Do they get cold?​​
The general rule is, if you are cold, they are cold. They ar
e fine indoors in a temperate (65-85°F) house.  


Do you shave them? / Are they born like that?
They are born like this! They are a natural mutation. Sphynx are not truly hairless, they have a fine down and hairlessness varies.


What are Sphynx personalities like?
Dog in a cat suit!!  This is an affectionate, outgoing active breed that needs lots of attention.

What do Sphynx feel like?
Skin on each Sphynx varies from cat to cat. Some feel like a warm peach, some like silk and some like velvet. 

Where are they from?​
Believe it or not, they originate from southern Canada, Minnesota and Michigan! The current Sphynx all go back to Sphynx from the late 70s and early 80s. It is a young breed.​​

Is their skin fragile? What is their care?
They can get scratched just like any other cat, but they heal quickly. They require weekly baths, nail bed cleaning & ear cleaning. 

What colors do they come in?
Sphynx come i
n all coat colors and eye colors! 

They feel so hot, are they warmer than other cats?
They have the same body temperature as haired cats. They feel warmer because the hair insulates the heat. 

Do they have health issues?
Sphynx do seem to have a higher than normal percentage of HCM, so you want to purchase your kitten from a breeder who scans regularly and watches pedigrees carefully. 

Are Sphynx good for people with allergies?
This is an individual issue. Many people with allergies can successfully own a Sphynx, however, there are still some people who cannot tolerate them. If you ha
ve allergies, it is important to visit a breeder several times to see if you can tolerate Sphynx before you adopt.


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